Telecommunication is the transmission of information over long distances by means of electronic and electromechanical transmission systems. The field of telecommunications has been one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, revolutionizing the way people communicate, connect and do business. Our Daily Marketplace offers a varity of telecommucation needs for our shoppers.

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Have you ever received a huge roaming bill after a trip abroad? Have you ever lost phone service or connectivity while traveling - and found yourself desperately searching for free Wi-Fi? Have you wasted time anxiously looking for a SIM vendor at the airport? We experienced all of these things, this is why we created Airalo

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MagFone provides users with meaningful and easy-to-use multimedia programs, in order to free you from any restriction and enjoy your music better on any platform and device.

We are a range of young people with passion and talents, dedicated to producing professional products and attentive customer service.

Adopted with leading technology, MagFone software can satisfy almost all of user’s needs and is thus favored by numerous customers around the world. Also, we’ve received positive testimonials from many famous media outlets and review sites.

We aim to be the best consumer software provider in the industry by offering innovative and simple-to-use programs, as well as prompt services for users worldwide.

eTravelSIM is an initiative by PSHPL to connect every international traveler through the use of our newest technology, the eSIM.

PSHPL is a distinguished enterprise, headquartered in Singapore, specializing in providing eSIM solutions tailored for international travelers. Our mission is to seamlessly connect you to the world, ensuring uninterrupted communication across borders.

Through our newest brand eTravelSIM, we are making sure that you can avail our services anytime-anywhere in the world. Our eSIMs can be booked and installed seamlessly and allow you access to loads of data in your destination country for accessing the internet, using your favorite apps, booking cabs and much more. Easy data access, anywhere in the world, is just a few clicks away.

The company was established in Hong Kong, China in 2014. It is a technology and sales-oriented enterprise focusing on building cross-border e-commerce, design, research and development, and sales. The business covers Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, the United States and other countries and regions, and the operating categories cover 3C accessories and electronic peripheral products, mainly mobile phone cases.

Suritch is in a relentless pursuit of a combination of exclusive design, quality and service to offer you personalized experience. 

Each design meets the desires of people throughout the world whose uniqueness is an individual expression of their own originality.

Suritch community welcomes confident, bold, modern men and women to present their real freedom and play up their best style.

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Jetpac is the latest travel innovation geared to redefine the way you roam. Data roaming doesn't need to be this hard and we know it.

Hence for us, we take pride in absolute convenience and value just for you, fellow Jetpacker. With just 1 eSIM across 50 countries, you can now roam your way because you're the master of your own fate.

Travel like a boss without having to worry about connectivity or bill shocks again because we've got you covered.

Kroger Wireless, a Kroger company, is a no-contract pay as you go wireless service provider. We offer various cell phone coverage plans for less. Unlimited data, talk and text starting at $15/month. Subscribers can earn 4X Fuel Points for every plan.