Telecommunication is the transmission of information over long distances by means of electronic and electromechanical transmission systems. The field of telecommunications has been one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, revolutionizing the way people communicate, connect and do business. Our Daily Marketplace offers a varity of telecommucation needs for our shoppers.

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Kroger Wireless, a Kroger company, is a no-contract pay as you go wireless service provider. We offer various cell phone coverage plans for less. Unlimited data, talk and text starting at $15/month. Subscribers can earn 4X Fuel Points for every plan. 

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Focusing on merging cutting-edge technologies and using modern techniques, Alohi offer a compelling user experience to simplify and enhance life for companies and people around the world. Our vision is to expand connectivity beyond boundaries and to streamline communications and systems of agreement. 

Have you ever received a huge roaming bill after a trip abroad? Have you ever lost phone service or connectivity while traveling - and found yourself desperately searching for free Wi-Fi? Have you wasted time anxiously looking for a SIM vendor at the airport? We experienced all of these things, this is why we created Airalo

Many of the products available at the time, claimed to be able to solve the problems easily and quickly, but it was difficult to choose the right one. So iToolab was created in an attempt to be the one that is both unique and effective.

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As one of the first ever fine phone accessories and consumer electronic brands, iWALK have been going since 2003. Designing all our unique and iconic pieces in-house at our China based Xiamen HQ,

We believe that people are paying way too much for their cell phone service, especially if they are on unlimited plans. That's why we started US Mobile. At US Mobile, you will pay as you go for the talk, text and data you need; plus you will enjoy full insight and flexibility to change your plan as you go. Our customers are unique and so are their cell phone plans. We also have a web shop where we only sell affordable unlocked cell phones and we can unlock phones as well. 

Jetpac is the latest travel innovation geared to redefine the way you roam. Data roaming doesn't need to be this hard and we know it.

Hence for us, we take pride in absolute convenience and value just for you, fellow Jetpacker. With just 1 eSIM across 50 countries, you can now roam your way because you're the master of your own fate.

Travel like a boss without having to worry about connectivity or bill shocks again because we've got you covered.