Pets have been around for a very long time. They have been with us since the beginning of time. We can’t imagine our lives without them. That is why Our Daily Marketplace knows Pets are like family to us and we love them unconditionally. We spend most of our free time with them, taking care of their needs, playing with them, and giving them affectionate love and attention. 

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Innovet Pet Products was founded in 2005 by two undergraduate colleagues, Matthew Terrill and David Louvet. They found themselves having to search tirelessly for innovative solutions to their pets health issues when veterinary services couldn't provide an answer. Necessity being the mother of invention, Matt and Dave set out on a journey to create new solutions. 

Latest Marketplaces is a leading online retailer of dog and cat supplies. We pride ourselves on our product quality, affordable prices and excellent customer service. We work with trusted brands to offer great deals on a range of pet products like flea and tick treatments, heartworm preventives, worm control products, general hygiene products and pet supplements. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or money back on every purchase and best of all, free shipping on every order. Shopping for pet supplies has never been easier! 

PRIDE + GROOM was born because 4 NYC dog lovers wanted the same level of grooming products for their dogs that they themselves enjoyed. They looked (hard) but nothing was up to snuff. Or sniff.

Like so many, we love our families and take pride in our homes, and we consider our pets to be integral parts of those entities. That said, we could not find an effective way to coif them that was on par with the way we tended to our children, our homes, ourselves. These beloved pets are allowed on the furniture and in our beds, and yet even when fresh from the groomer, we knew they did not smell or feel as good as they could. With the development of our coat-specific shampoos, conditioner and spray, we think we found just the way to say thanks for being the best and the sweetest MVP of the house.

At Pet Care Supplies, we understand that pet care can be expensive and therefore our goal is to help you save money on pet health products. Our mission is to provide affordable pet supplies with excellent customer service. And, we aim to provide peace of mind for pet owners when it comes to shopping for pet products. Being a bulk buyer with comparatively less infrastructure cost, Pet Care Supplies is able to pass larger discounts to its customers.

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Neakasa is committed to innovation.

We use state-of-the-art technology and stylish design to create cutting-edge products that help people clean smarter, not harder. With a customer-centric mindset, we tackle problems using First Principle thinking and unconventional approaches. We don't just aim to meet customer expectations, we strive to exceed them.

This is the Neakasa Way 

Trackipet is the award-winning pet tracker that helps people who love their pets giving them peace of mind about where your pet is, no matter where they are around the globe. Combining elegant and robust design with state-of-the-art GPS and cellular connectivity, Trackipet is a reliable and great value solution for millions of pet owners across the USA. Customers simply purchase the hardware and add a connectivity subscription package that suits their needs from pay as you go to multi-year options. 

Petlibro is all about creating the best pet tech & lifestyle products for pet owners and their favorite pets.  Pawrents can use the best selling Petlibro automatic pet feeder to feed their beloved cats & dogs on time, with the same healthy portion, whenever, wherever.  Likewise, Petlibro water fountains help pets to stay hydrated whenever, wherever, with filtered, clean water running continuously.  At Petlibro, we care about our pets, and we constantly innovate our products to have features that take care of our pets in the best way possible.  "Devoted Love, Hassle-Free", that's the Petlibro motto.