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A recreational activity is any leisure time pursuit or pastime that is engaged in for pleasure or enjoyment. It is usually a fun and enjoyable activity that people engage in during their free time, that helps them to de-stress, relax and have fun. You can find Examples of recreational activities at Our Daily Marketplace include sports, arts and crafts, reading, gardening, travelling, and many more. The goal of recreational activities is not to achieve anything in particular but to simply enjoy oneself and have a good time. 

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TENWAYS is an international company specializing in electric assist bicycles. With our headquarters in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, we have established a strong presence in the European and American markets, delighting customers with our highly sought-after products. 

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VidAngel like to think we’re unique in the world of business. We’re a corporation that puts people before money. We have built our team with people who are kind and giving to both their fellow employees and to customers. We encourage our employees to develop and expand their talents, giving them opportunities to grow. And since we have no outside investors, when the company is successful, the employees share the benefits.

Most important, we are driven by the belief that we are making a difference in the lives of our customers; that in our small way we are making the world a better place by giving families the technology to make media better for their homes.

Since 2002, has been delivering a higher grade of dating service to its members. We are the first to deliver such a concept and are without question, the leading site of its kind. Having been featured on The Dr Phil Show twice, The Richard & Judy Show in the UK and the WB 11 WPIX news, we are the most well known and recognized brand for Sugar daddy and Millionaire dating. Our member base quality is exceptional and we boast millionaires, models and professional businessmen and women who welcome our quality approach to modern online dating. 

As preferred supplier to the world's finest firearm brands and an established military equipment developer through active defense contracts, LaserMax specializes in packaging and ruggedizing laser systems for use in adverse environments. Having set the bar for exceptional laser performance and reliability, LaserMax considers it a matter of pride to uphold the highest standards. This is why every new LaserMax design is subjected to a standard battery of exhaustive tests. 

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Unlimited Biking opened its doors in 2010 in New York City with just fifty bicycles and one bike tour. Today, Unlimited Biking has grown to include seven cities, eleven stores, over twenty tours, and over 4,000 bicycles. 

Our vision is to provide riders with an unforgettable experience. We supply everything you need to explore exciting and beautiful new locations. The best way to experience a new city like a local is by bike! 

Our mission is to offer memorable and invigorating biking adventures in all of our locations. Engage with the environment and the local community on a guided or self-guided bike ride. Unlimited Biking delivers a unique sightseeing opportunity for families, couples, friends, and solo travelers. Make your stay amazing with a biking experience you’ll never forget! 

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VANPOWERS BIKE is a group of creative and conscientious cycling enthusiasts committed to clean, green mobility and sustainable e-bike development solutions. We are motivated by our commitment to providing you with the best e-bikes, honest information about your purchases, and helpful customer service. 

We carefully choose each part and component in collaboration with our sector's most skilled research and development production team. Our team and partners are professionals in management, development, quality, production, and NBD. Our primary R&D staff members have an average of 10 years of industry experience, with some having as many as 22 years individually. We are skilled designers of electric bicycles and have our own supporting production systems. 

We have a reliable supply chain and local warehouses in the US, the UK, and Europe. We won't stop until every customer receives their electric bike on time. At the same time, our knowledgeable pre-sales and after-sales personnel offer considerate support and address every aspect of the purchase process so that the journey can be simple and enjoyable for everyone