Today’s world has become so reliant on electronics and technology that we cannot live without them! We use computers every day at school and at home, we use phones every day too! We have cars that run on gas and electricity, we have air conditioners too! We even have things like microwaves now which cook our food quickly! All these things are some products on Our Daily Marketplace of modern-day technology because they help us do everyday tasks faster and easier than before. 

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As a winner of CES Innovation, MUZEN AUDIO INC is dedicated to developing exquisite and fashionable retro audio products. Ever since it was established, Muzen keeps breaking through its boundaries and bringing excitement to the industry with the philosophy of "Aesthetically pleasing, Great sound, User-friendly and Entertaining". It is Muzen’s eternal pursuit to make you enjoy the sounds easier and better. Welcome to explore your unique lifestyle with Muzen Audio. Up to now, we have run a business on Bluetooth speakers and FM radio and work well on Online shops and Amazon. We have rich and varied product lines, which includes OTR Wood, OTR Metal, Wild Mini, Button and Cyber Speaker. 

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Since 2004, Cable Creation has been at the forefront of innovation in the cable world, providing users with the highest-quality audio, video, and data cables for their personal and professional needs, while actively investing in our R&D departments to develop groundbreaking products and find solutions to drive costs down. We strive to provide consumers with the high-quality and best-priced products as well as meet people's needs that have not been met.

Founded in Shenzhen, China, PITAKA are a company dedicated to advancing science and style in this specialist area. We have scientists, engineers, designers and stylists who work together to bring the magic of science and art together in the individual pieces we create.

The whole planet is our home. And we want to inspire people to be conscious of the relationship between humans and each other, objects, and this planet. To make it, we regard ourselves "world citizens" and our team, consisting of talents from all over the world, work jointly toward the same goal. 

In today’s society, there is a high demand for the latest and newest technology. People and businesses alike use smartphones, tablets, and laptops every day. These electronic devices upgrade rapidly, which creates a large market that recycles these devices. Our company gizmogo aims to provide an online platform to help individuals sell their electronic devices in a fast, easy, and safe way. After receiving your device, we take care of the recycling for you! 

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ELE comes from the word electronic, which means open-source electronic. GOO comes from the word googol, meaning the 100th power of 10. The written form is 1 followed by 100 zeros, referring to the huge amount of structural models brought by 3D printers.

Elegoo implies the combination of open-source electronics and structures that creates everything.

About brand vision/mission: Create the future, interpreted as "With the help of programming and 3D printing technology, we can create almost anything—Elegoo provides geeks with the key to a new world."

Founded by Anthony Wood, Roku pioneered streaming to the TV. Our mission is to be the streaming platform that connects and benefits the entire TV ecosystem around the world. Today, Roku streaming devices are used by millions of consumers in North America, Latin America, and parts of Europe. We connect users to the streaming content they love, we enable content publishers to build and monetize large audiences, and we provide advertisers with sophisticated tools to reach and engage consumers. Roku is the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico by hours streamed (Hypothesis Group, December 2022).  

GravaStar was born from the founder Yong’s vision to create a futuristic, cyberpunk world fusing sci-fi with hi-fi. The brand was established to merge mecha, metal, and technology in everyday products. With over 10 years of industrial design experience, Yong uses his personal passion to produce design-driven, hyper-modern playable collectibles that don’t compromise on sound quality.